Black Crusade

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Black Crusade is a genre mashing short film where Medieval Fantasy and Zombie Horror come head to head in an epic battle for the survival of man kind. Director Nick Lines says 'The crusades have always been of interest to me, but I wanted to add my own spin on it. I love the idea of zombies with swords and armour.'

Black Crusade was originally intended as the second part of his short horror Anthology, after the success of Nick's modern-horror short SHRIEK, which won the SHRIEKFEST FILM FESTIVAL Promo Competition 2015 and received an honorably mention by Eli Roth in the CryptTV 15-Second-Scare project clocking more than 1M views.

The Crusade has expanded well beyond all expectations, and into a potential web series, comic book and IOS game. Nick adds 'The world is unique and full of stories, and with the help of the fans we will keep creating more and more content for the Black Crusade universe.

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